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Aesthetic Anthology

It is the search for an elegant and refined rarity that drives every BelCor project. A sophisticated classicism, no space is predefined or taken for granted, but is the result of pure inspiration and sensitivity.


BelCor designs and creates the classic style in every environment by rediscovering the inspirations of the past. An experience that is never repeated and that is tailor-made each time to create traditional projects, capable of responding to current needs and tastes. 


BelCor interprets different languages, anticipating and defining the trends of classic furniture. Constantly be inspired by excellence and luxury as a value, in workmanship and materials, to guarantee the creation of unique and personalized furniture and projects.

01. The Concept

When studying a made-to-measure project, we always look for exclusive details that can go beyond the boundaries of the ordinary to offer the customer something extraordinary.

02. The design

Excellence is measured in the dilated times of history and knowledge. Ours is a work of passion where sartorial rules express creativity, originality and authenticity. Thus, we give life to a piece of artistic and exclusive furniture wholly handmade with the Made in Italy qualities. 

03. the final result

We guarantee authenticity and originality within the culture of Italian living, surrounded by beauty without exception. Our goal is to create tailor-made projects that reflect the client's identity. A value that is not only transmitted through objects, but which also leaves a historical and cultural impact.